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Best Pillows for Snoring

Pillows for snoring

Snoring can often be seen as comical by those who don’t have to sleep with someone who does. It’s also incredibly common. According to research by the University of Pennsylvania’s Division of Sleep Medicine, around 57% of men snore and 40% of women. And, the likelihood of snoring increases with age.

Snoring can range to a barely audible sound to a noise that can be heard in an adjoining room. Sometimes it can even wake the snorer up. So, it’s definitely something that needs looks at and, if possible, eliminated – or at least toned down. 

Snoring can often indicate another medical cause so if your snoring is excessive, it’s definitely worth checking out.

What causes snoring?

Snoring is a result of vibrations in the airway of a sleeper. This in turn may be as a result of gravity, inflammation or other factors unique to that individual. Often buying a specially-suited pillow is the first serious attempt the snorer makes at alleviating the condition.

What kind of pillow helps snoring?

A pillow which lifts and supports the upper body – rather than just the head and neck - can help relieve compression on the airway. But it shouldn’t be too high or firm that it pushes the head forward.

What to think about buying a pillow to relieve snoring

Before researching sleep pillows, consider how you sleep. If you are a back sleeper, for instance, then a wedge pillow is a better means of alleviating the head than a standard pillow. Back sleeping is, in fact, the worst sleeping position for snoring. What you’re looking for – regardless if you are a side, back or stomach sleeper – is for the head, neck and spine to be aligned while you sleep.

The loft of the pillow is important too. Sleepers with broad shoulders usually need a thick pillow, while narrow shouldered individuals often need a thin pillow.

The pillow should be supportive enough to keep the head upright. If the neck bends the airways can constrict. If it’s too supportive, then the pillow can cause the sleeper’s neck to fall forward and put pressure on the soft tissues in the airways.

When it comes to firmness, heavier individuals will need additional support and vice versa for lighter bodied sleepers.

As we mentioned previously, the shape of a pillow can help with snoring – especially the wedge shape for back snorers. Other ergonomically designed pillows can help other snorers because they help with spinal alignment.

What type of material should the pillow have?

If you snore then it may be best to invest in an anti-allergy pillow as this, in fact, can be contributing to the condition. It’s always better to go for quality materials in a pillow for comfort and for the simple reason it will tend to last longer as well.

A pillow whose material can help with temperature regulation can lead to a better night’s sleep. That’s because some studies point to a cooler room being less likely to result in a sleeper snoring. As a result, breathable materials are best. 

What pillows are best for anti-snoring?

Wedge pillows, ergonomic pillows and those which can be adjusted tend to be best for relieving snoring.

Wedge pillows are made from foam for support and comfort, adjustable pillows can be altered to get the best loft and firmness for an individual. 

Memory foam pillows mould to a sleeper’s head and neck, allowing them to have a good spine-head alignment. Quality Polyfoam pillows are good for breathability.

Latex pillows are supportive and mouldable. They are also anti-allergy. Feather pillows are also great for support and mouldability but they won’t be the best option for allergy sufferers. Neither will down, which is lighter than feathers.

Down: Down is a softer, lighter type of feather and can also result in allergies.

Pillows for snoring to choose from

S8 Beauty pillow

Hypoallergenic and durable anatomically shaped S8 Gel Ergonomic pillow features a perfect combination of memory foam and a helium cooling layer of innovative EcoGel®. The porous memory foam follows your body shape and the EcoGel® layer gently relaxes facial muscles for a soothing massage effect. The final element is the outer layer of microfiber, which is exceptionally soft and comfortable for all sleeper types. It’s a truly universal option which is perfect for sleeping on both sides and back. If you are a side sleeper, the high edge filling the space between your head and shoulder will ensure maximum comfort. Back sleepers should put a low edge under their head. The Gel Ergonomic responds to even the smallest movements, creating a responsive elastic support. 

S8 Gel pillow ergonomic

Hypoallergenic and durable, S8 Gel Ergonomic pillow features a perfect combination of memory foam and a helium cooling layer of innovative EcoGel®. The porous memory foam adapts to your body and the EcoGel® layer gently relaxes facial muscles for a soothing massage effect. The final element is the outer layer of microfiber, which is exceptionally soft and comfortable. It is a universal option which is perfect for sleeping on both sides and back. If you sleep on your side, the high edge fills the space between your head and shoulder. If you sleep on your back, put a low edge under your head. The Gel Ergonomic responds to small movements, creating an elastic support. Quickly restores the original shape. This pillow allows you to keep the neck and head in the correct position, which improves the quality of sleep helping you with snoring. 

S8 Pillow immuno 

Immuno pillows are some of our best-selling products, loved by the customers that have a snoring tendency. These pillows come with internal Black Diamond carbon foam inserts and provide enhanced support for the cervical spine and neck in the correct position. The pillow is suitable for those who prefer to sleep on their side or back and prefer more elastic pillows. Although it is elastic, it distributes pressure evenly over the entire surface of the pillow, the head does not "sink" during sleep.

Its removable cover is made of Belgian jersey with eucalyptus fibers removing excess heat and moisture and keeping you cool throughout your sleep. The material is luxuriously soft and comfortable, that you will struggle to leave your pillow alone.

The pillow contains the revolutionary NeoTaktile foam which is a steamed shape memory foam with particles of cooling gel that will allow you to sleep comfortably and not turn the pillow over for the cooler side. 

S8 Pillow smart Axis 3.0

Smart 3.0 Axis Pillow maximizes comfort and recovery. This pillow comes with eco-friendly memory foam with cooling gel technology. With Smart 3.0 Axis you can analyze your sleep patterns using the Sleepace app.

Meet the future of sleep with the Axis Smart Pillow 3.0. Experience truly individualized comfort, thanks to the integration of a precision sensor that monitors and analyses your sleep patterns via the Sleepace App. One side of the reversible cover features a breathable jersey with Envi-max technology, regulating moisture and increasing airflow, while the other is made using Outlast, a thermoregulating material that absorbs and, if necessary, radiates heat.

S8 Pillow tech

S8 Pillow Tech is a unique and tailor-made product just for you. It contains a filling made of different layers, placed according to your individual needs and preferences. You can change and swap the layers around based on your sleep pattern. Its bamboo cover and other natural extracts give it an ideal texture that feels soft and gentle during the contact with the skin. The material is porous, elastic, and durable. It is made from the juice of the Hevea "rubber" tree. Thermostable, has an antiseptic effect. 

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