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Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

Sleep8 reveals the best Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need a thicker pillow than those who lie on their back or stomach during the night. That’s because, for comfort, they need to keep their head aligned to their spine while lying. 

How to choose the best pillow for side sleepers

Lying on your side when sleeping isn’t a bad position. Certainly, it’s better for you than sleeping on your stomach. Side sleeping is, in fact, by far the most common sleeping position. And that’s good as far as sleeping partners are concerned because it cuts back on snoring. That’s down to the fact it keeps the airway open. 

Those with acid reflux problems are advised to sleep on their side, so are pregnant women for comfort reasons.

Side sleeping aligns the spine, which reduces discomfort in the shoulders, hips, and other pressure points areas of the body (provided of course your pillow and mattress are doing their job in supporting you).

Pillows and side sleeping

Pillows for side sleepers should have good cushioning to support the head and neck. If the pillow arrangement is too thin it can cause the head to sink beneath the spine. Too high and it puts pressure on the spine, neck and shoulders. 

loft, firmness level, and material composition. In the next few sections, we’ll discuss how side sleepers can find a pillow that will work for them.

Choosing the best pillow if you are a side sleeper

Some pillows are better suited to side sleepers than others. Find out which by studying three different pillow areas – thickness, support and firmness.

  • Thickness (also referred to as ‘loft’) is important for side sleepers. They need a medium to high loft pillows so there is enough head cushioning. Some pillows even have adjustable loft levels so you can alter them during the night as the pillow flattens.

  • Support refers to the ability of the pillow to maintain an even surface for the head and neck. Those with solid foam or latex cores are usually best.

  • Firmness is all about the balance between contouring and support. Too soft and your head will sink, too firm and there’s too much pressure on the neck and shoulder areas.

Side sleeper looking for a new pillow? Also, check out:

  • Pressure Relief. Make sure your pillow provides enough pillow relief around the neck and shoulder areas. In other words, it should also align with the body as a whole.

  • Shape: We often have to keep fluffing our pillows to make sure they don’t flatten. That’s not the case with solid foam and latex pillows as these are more likely to maintain their shape over time.

  • Price: What material does your pillow comprise of? Latex, memory foam, and duck towels tend to be more expensive than their polyfoam and feather counterparts. The type of material chosen can affect your pillow’s temperature regulation, durability, and how well it keeps its shape.

What are the Best Pillows for Side Sleepers?

Want more advice on the best pillow for side sleepers? Then take a look through our selection of pillows on website or ask one of our knowledgeable team instore. Below are some of our current range of pillows to suit side sleepers:

S8 Pillow Hybrid

S8 Pillow Hybrid has been designed for maximum comfort for both side and back sleepers. Ergonomic design laced with hypoallergenic fibers provides optimal support and comfort during sleep. 

The innovative S8 Hybrid pillow is shaped to help side sleepers by providing a unique space for the shoulder and giving you the support you need to ensure a comfortable sleeping position through the night.

Filled with elastic and voluminous hypoallergenic fibres that ensure adequate breathability and temperature regulation, the S8 Hybrid maintains its shape perfectly and keeps you feeling cool and cozy. The outer cover is made of 100% cotton, with a 3D mesh that also promotes airflow.  

The S8 Hybrid pillow comes in 45x63x15 cm size, medium hardness, and a removable cover. 

S8 Pillow Smart 3.0 Axis

Smart 3.0 Axis Pillow maximizes comfort and recovery. This pillow comes with eco-friendly memory foam with cooling gel technology. With Smart 3.0 Axis you can analyze your sleep patterns using the Sleepace app.

Meet the future of sleep with the Axis Smart Pillow 3.0. Experience truly individualized comfort, thanks to the integration of a precision sensor that monitors and analyses your sleep patterns via the Sleepace App. One side of the reversible cover features a breathable jersey with Envi-max technology, regulating moisture and increasing airflow, while the other is made using Outlast, a thermoregulating material that absorbs and, if necessary, radiates heat.

The Axis Smart Pillow's interior layers work hard to ensure you that can rest easy: Eco-friendly foam memory granules with cooling gel promote healthy air flow and neutralize electromagnetic waves; latex granules support correct positioning of the head and neck; active polyester granules provide volume and shape retention, preventing the pillow from bunching; and a 3D mesh perimeter further provides sufficient air circulation. Optimum comfort for side sleepers is guaranteed. Suitable for allergies. 

Available in three sizes: 50х70х12 cm, 50х70х17 cm, and 50х70х20 cm this pillow has medium hardness and comes with multiple layers.

S8 Pillow Spring massage

S8 Pillow Spring massage has been designed to give side sleepers extra support for the head and neck. Fitted with a micro-spring block designed to distribute your weight evenly at all times. Fitted with hypoallergenic material to give you the perfect night's sleep.

The micro spring block inside the S8 Spring Massage pillow makes it unique and perfect for side sleepers. Each spring works independently to evenly distribute weight and pressure across the surface of the pillow, reacting sensitively to movement and keeping your head and neck supported as you sleep. This pillow adapts to your individual features, relieving muscle tension and promoting relaxation and circulation with a subtle micro-massage effect. 

Other benefits include: well-supported head and neck as you sleep, thicker outer layer provides soft comfort, relieves muscle tension. 

 S8 Spring Massage pillow comes in 48x68x21сm size, medium hardness, and a removable cover. 

S8 Body Pillow

The S8 Body Pillow is designed to improve your sleep whatever your sleeping habits are. Side sleepers benefit from extra help with regulating your breathing and aligning your sleeping position. 

Embracing the Body Pillow can help to calm your mind and your CNS. Regulate your breath and relax with the Body Pillow and you'll soon be sleeping soundly. 

Other benefits include: perfect shape for embracing as you sleep, and ease of use. The S8 Body Pillow comes in 130х35х18 cm size, flexible hardness, and polyester fiberfill. 

S8 Pillow Indigo

S8 Pillow Indigo - a classically styled pillow with memory foam technology, helping side sleepers by providing more comfort with our cooling Gel particle technology. 

The Indigo is a memory foam pillow that simply moulds perfectly to you to provide custom comfort and support. Made using gel particles, it has a cooling effect that lasts all the way through the night. With two robust neck inserts, the Indigo provides added structural support, loved by the side sleepers. 

This pillow comes in three sizes: 40х60х9,5 cm, 40х60х13 cm, 40х60х14,5 cm, medium hardness, and a removable cover.

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